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Read Reviews from Customers & Health Care Professionals

☆☆☆☆☆5 stars (Tri-Cities location) - A bad stroke sent my 97-year-old mother first to hospital and then to the Queen's Park Care Centre. She had difficulty moving her arms and legs, and couldn't walk. She needed a wheelchair, and Luke from SelfCare was an engaging, kind detective as he worked with her and Queen's Park staff to find exactly the right kind of chair for her. He ended up building two demo chairs for her. The first chair he built was low to the ground, with the idea that she might be able to propel herself using her feet. When she didn't have enough strength in her legs to do this, he built a second chair that met her needs better (higher, easier tilt). He also loaned her two different specialized cushions to try to prevent her slipping out of the chair (she had a bad slouch) and to protect her delicate skin. I hadn't realized that wheelchairs come with so many options to fit users with different needs. I now realize that the right chair is crucial for comfort and function. Users spend all of their out-of-bed time in their chair, so it's crucial that it fits their body perfectly. I was very impressed with the time Luke took to meet my mother's needs, with how carefully and gently he listened, and with his willingness to try yet another option when some aspect of the chair turned out not to work well. SelfCare was also generous in terms of money. A well-fitted specialized wheelchair is a major purchase. SelfCare didn't charge for her use of the two demo chairs, and when my mother died unexpectedly after several months of experimentation, they only charged the initial deposit for all of their time and her use of their chairs. From our experience, I don't think that you could find a better company to fit you or your family member with a wheelchair.

☆☆☆☆☆5 stars (North Vancouver location) - Karen was great (IMAK gloves purchase)
-I Pilar

☆☆☆☆☆5 stars (North Vancouver location) - We were very impressed that Charlotte Skelton went above and beyond in search of our favourite colour, ie orange, to have the wheelchair made to make us smile when it is used. We would have no hesitation in recommending dealing with Charlotte . We feel we would rate the service 11 out of 10. We were and still are very happy indeed with our purchase in 2016.
-Jeff & Julie M

☆☆☆☆☆5 stars (North Vancouver location) - Karen & the other staff members were extremely helpful & very professional.

☆☆☆☆☆5 stars (North Vancouver location) - Fantastic service from Ron, Charlotte & especially Keith!! The best, friendliest staff who care!
-Logan M T

☆☆☆☆☆5 stars (North Vancouver location) - Jamie did a great job getting our lift chair working again! He was polite & professional & super quick. Delivered exceptional, comfortable customer service.
-W Wanstall / Jean

Nando came out and he was efficient, personable and everything she likes in a workman.

Thank you for the use of your (donated) wheelchairs. Many visitors to our show suffer from ambulatory problems and they are delighted when they discover they can enjoy the show "on wheels". Your generosity is truly appreciated.
– Show Coordinator

I have been a client of SelfCare's for the past 3 years. The staff in every area have ALWAYS been knowledgeable, courteous, helpful and patient with me each and every time I call, for any reason. The service is always prompt and excellent whether it be deliveries or repairs. The staff really care about their clients. It’s not "just a job" and it shows.
– Alice

For the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure of using SelfCare. The customer service reps are very friendly and the staff efficiently provides our facility with equipment. The variety of equipment available has enhanced our resident's independence and increased their comfort and quality of life. Many family members and residents have provided positive feedback about the professional advice and repair service available from SelfCare.
– Anonymous

The complimentary educational in-services for health care professionals that SelfCare provides, has allowed our rehab staff to remain informed about the latest technologies available in the health care market.

As a clinician on the North Shore, I can always rely on quality service and friendly, knowledgeable staff to help me provide the proper care for my clients. The staff at SelfCare go the extra mile to work with therapists and problem solve through issues that are routine and out of the ordinary! They make my job run that much smoother. Thanks Guys!
– Clinician

We received a generous donation of two Dolomite 4-wheeled walkers from Self Care last week. I just wanted to thank you again from all the Rehabilitation staff at Evergreen House. We will definitely put those walkers to work!
– Carmen, Senior Physiotherapist

The Scooters on the Bus In-service helped to provide hands-on trials and having your education on the scooter models made the session interesting and helpful when considering which model for which client and the community uses.
– Sarah Pike, BSc OT

Thank you so very much for helping to get the ergonomic arm crutches for me as quickly as you did. I tested them around Park Royal and I made out just fine!  I was truly happy with them & they are so comfortable... we are truly grateful for all the extreme effort that you went to. I told one of my close girlfriends about you & your good service. She has a chronic medical condition also.

The lady who was helping us was very good. She listened well (how rare that is!), and tried very hard to understand our concerns, even given the fact that we were seeking information and weren't going to be paying customers (just yet.)... [You] must take real satisfaction in knowing that you ease people through so many problems...
– Helen

I want to toss a great big bouquet to SelfCare for the stellar job you did installing my new lift system in the bedroom and bathroom! SelfCare showed professionalism and efficiency. They carefully pre-planned and pre-measured. Nando and Kimberly got the job done within the time they promised. I was grateful that they took the time to explain the system, how it worked and pass on some basic safety tips. Keep up the great work.

I wanted to take a moment to provide a compliment on outstanding customer service Samantha provided for a client and myself. She was efficient, proactive and knowledgeable with regards to ministry funding/equipment/technician time. This was helpful to me as a new OT working in BC and expedited the servicing of the client’s power w/c to achieve a positive outcome for all.
– Theresa

My wife is currently staying at the GF Strong. For home, we required a customized wheelchair and various equipment. Both Charlotte and Michael from SelfCare showed us a great deal of kindness, care and empathy. They possess a vast knowledge of medical equipment and excellent interpersonal skills, exhibiting an excellent ability to listen, present alternative solutions and find the appropriate equipment. Their professionalism and diligence is exemplary.
– Client

My husband suffered a stroke in 1996 and we have been dealing regularly with Selfcare ever since for everything from lift chairs to wheelchairs, hospital beds, grab bars and many other products needed to make the life of a stroke survivor easier.  They invariably have the answer to our requirements. Most important, too, is the exemplary service and never-failing courtesy of the owners and their staff
– Richard and Jane

Thanks for speaking to our Seniors’ exercise group. I was amazed at the variety of items and the amount of help the items provide to seniors. The special platform with the reclining backrest for bathing, the compression gloves for people with arthritis in their hands, and the folding walkers are very useful. The presentation was well done, and your representatives answered many questions patiently and thoroughly.
– Joy

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