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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at our most frequently asked questions and their answers below. If you're not finding the answer you're looking for, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help!

Should I work with a therapist while buying equipment?

Yes, especially for more complex equipment like wheelchairs and wheelchair seating. Therapists are health care professionals who understand your medical condition and how to help you to choose the best equipment for your requirements.

How do I find a therapist to work with?

You can contact your local community health unit to find a therapist. If you live in a retirement residence or care facility, there may be a therapist on staff that you can work with. Visit to locate a private therapist in Canada, or contact us and we’d be happy to help you out with some contact information.

Is my medical equipment tax deductible?

Most medical equipment is tax-deductible; repairs and service on that equipment may also be deductible. A prescription may be required in order to qualify. Please see the Government of Canada’s website for details.

Can I try a wheelchair or scooter before I buy it?

Absolutely. You and your therapist will work together with one of our Seating and Mobility Consultants to organize an equipment trial in your home environment. We want to make sure that you have exactly what you need before you make your purchase.

If I buy something from you, how do I get it home?

We would be happy to deliver your new equipment to your home or care facility. Our delivery staff will make sure that it’s ready for you and show you how to use it.

My father is having trouble getting in and out of the bathtub. How do I get him some equipment to assist him and keep him safe?

The first thing to do is to contact a therapist at your local community health unit. They will be able to do an in-home assessment with your father and suggest all the equipment that he needs to keep him safe. Usually, the therapist will provide us with a list of the recommended equipment and we can arrange to deliver and install it, and show him (and you) how to use it. Or, contact us or visit one of our locations and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

My mother is being discharged from the hospital in a few days. She needs a hospital bed and some other equipment. How do I organize all of this for her?

We can arrange to have a rental hospital bed and any other equipment she needs delivered to her home and set up for her. Please see our rentals page for further information, the rental FAQs below, or contact us to arrange the rental, delivery and setup.

What’s the benefit to rental medical equipment?

  • Try the equipment before you buy it; make sure it’s right for you. 100% of the first month’s rental is always deducted if the item is purchased, plus 50% of the next 3 months’ rentals are deducted from the item you are renting.
  • A short-term solution to an immediate need such as recovery from a hip replacement.
  • Flexibility to change your equipment when needed if your condition changes.
  • Quick availability. This is particularly important in the case of hospital discharge.
  • No repairs to worry about. We will replace or repair any rental equipment that breaks or needs repair.

Do you rent hospital beds?

Yes, we do. We can take care of everything including delivery, setup and any accessories you might need. Have a look at the hospital beds we have available for rental, or contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.

How quickly can you deliver my rental hospital bed?

We can deliver your rental hospital bed the next day (business days).

I didn’t end up using the equipment; do I still have to pay for it?

Our rental program covers the time you’ve had the equipment out, so you would still need to pay for the period of time it’s been in your possession (day, week or month, whichever is most economical).

What happens if my rental equipment needs repairs while I’m using it?

We’ll take care of it right away. We will repair or exchange your rental equipment as soon as possible so there will be no inconvenience to you. If the repair is necessary due to misuse or neglect, you will be responsible for the repair costs.

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