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Swift® Slider Breathable Repositioner

From MIP | Item #: PTD-56

Swift® Slider Breathable Repositioner
Swift® Slider Breathable Repositioner
Swift® Slider Breathable Repositioner thumbnail
Swift® Slider Breathable Repositioner thumbnail
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Swift® Slider Breathable Repositioner
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Swift® Slider Breathable Repositioner

Swift® Slider Breathable RepositionerSwift® Slider Breathable Repositioner

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More than any other occupation or industry nursing personnel file for the highest number of operational injuries related to back pain (National Institute for Occupational Safety And Health). In order to prevent such injuries MIP has developed UltraSlide a fitted bottom sheet modified with a low-friction panel down the center to be used together with Swift. UltraSlide should be used when patients/residents have little or no mobility and require extensive or total assistance for repositioning in bed. Used individually or together the two parts of the Swift UltraSlide System reduce the force required to turn or reposition bed-bound patients/residents.


  • Central low-friction panel significantly reduces resistance when used in conjunction with Swift® Sliders
  • Carbon fibers reduce static build-up
  • Special stretch UltraKnit construction provides a smooth surface and accommodates a wide range of healthcare mattress sizes
  • Durable 100% synthetic fabric ensures quick drying and longevity in demanding environments
  • Proper use should significantly reduce the risk of neck shoulder and back injuries caused by repositioning
  • Can be washed along with regular bed linens
  • Also available in bariatric and stretcher sizes


  • Place UltraSlide over mattress as you would a normal fitted sheet
  • Place Swift across UltraSlide with blue sides facing each other
  • Position Swift so that it supports shoulder to hip area
  • Reposition patient/resident using appropriate protocol (refer to usage guidelines for Swift)
  • Once you’ve positioned patient/resident’s hips to appropriate area tuck in Swift to keep it from sliding
  • May not be used for lifting


  • If head of bed needs to be elevated raise knee gatch to prevent patient/resident from sliding down mattress
  • Position patient/resident’s hips in bend of bed. If hips go above that zone patient/resident will slide down by force of gravity

Please note - the Swift® UltraSlide System consists of the Swift® Slider Breathable Repositioner (shown here) and the UltraSlide Repositioning Bottom Sheet. However both parts of the system can be used individually as well.

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