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Clients Over 6' Tall - Rental Reclining Wheelchair Options

We recently had a request for a reclining rental wheelchair for a client who is 6'3" tall and 220 lbs. The client needed elevating leg rests, 20-22" of width, 20" of depth and a seat to floor height of 20.5". Here are the options we considered:

Breezy Rela X2, 20" wide

  • Depth adjustable to 20"
  • 19.5" max seat to floor height
  • Elevating leg rests are standard
  • Weight capacity of 285 lbs
  • Tilt as well as recline
  • Very difficult to arm propel

Broda Midline Recliner, 20" wide

  • Offers the most recline, at a full 90°
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • No options for arm propelling

Invacare 900 Recliner, 22" wide (product is discontinued from Invacare but similar to the 9000 XT Recliner)

  • Available for rental only
  • The best option for arm propelling and has a 23" seat to floor height
  • Has about 35° of recline
  • Upholstered seat & back
  • 2 elevating leg rests
  • Depth is only 18", but with a 20" cushion and rigidizer, the 20" overall depth can be achieved
  • 350 lb. weight capacity

Aaaaand... the winner is: The Invacare 900 Recliner, 22" wide!

This was the best choice for our client because of the ease of arm propelling, the elevating leg rests and the 23" seat to floor height.

This wheelchair rents for $150/month. Contact us if you're interested in this wheelchair, or if you're looking for something for a hard-to-fit client. View rental manual wheelchairs on our website.

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