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Power Assists for Your Manual Chair - All About Injury Prevention

All About Injury Prevention

A power assist (or power add-on) is something that attaches to the front or rear of your manual wheelchair, or powered wheels that replace your regular wheels. These power assist devices allow you to drive or wheel your manual chair with the assistance of a powered device.

All power assists have a job to do and that’s prevention. Whether it’s about preventing shoulder injury (and reducing your fatigue) or preventing a back injury for your companion, it’s no different than using a cushion for prevention for your bottom. 

Below we'll review some options for front & rear attachments, plus powered wheels & pushing/braking aids. The full list of manual wheelchair add-ons is on our website!

Front Frame Attachments

Image of the triride product.


  • Exclusive to NSM.
  • 14 models including pediatric.
  • Compact, great for travel.
  • Extremely maneuverable with superior electronics.
  • Superior machine.

Read more on our website.

 Image of the Freedom trax product.

Freedom Trax

  • Exclusive to NSM.
  • Transforms a manual chair into an all-terrain vehicle.
  • Reality check that Canada has 4 seasons and allows for use on other terrain, including snow, sand & gravel.

Read more on our website.

 Image of the batec product


  • Handbikes available in Electric, Hybrid and Quad versions.
  • Larger handbikes with excellent electronics.
  • Not very suitable for indoor use.

Read more on our website.

 Image of klaxon klick product.

Klaxon KLICK

  • Slower and less responsive than most other brands; a good choice if you don't want to go too fast.


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