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Home Accessibility - Real Life Case Studies

Home Accessibility

Home accessibility can allow you to stay safely at home and can play an important role in fall prevention. Check out some real-life examples below for inspiration, or contact us if you have any questions! We can help to make your home safer, starting with a FREE in-home consultation.

Image of a curved stairlift.

Curved Stairlift

  • The railing is mounted directly onto your stairs with stations every few stairs.
  • The rail can be powder coated in any colour.
  • The rail is lightweight, modular & pre-drilled, allowing a clean, quick and simple installation.
  • Easy & safe access to multiple levels of your home.
  • Find one here.
 Image of a curved stair lift in action.

Powered Folding Rail

  • This feature is used to prevent a tripping hazard on the base level or if the floor has radiant heat and can't be drilled into.
  • The chair has a sensor that signals the rail to fold up and down once it gets to a certain point.
  •  Once you get out of the chair, you can send the chair back up to the top, with the rail folding up, creating an open walkway with no hazards.
  • Find options here.
 Image of a track system in a home.

Curved Ceiling Track in Bathroom

  • This type of setup allows for several transfer points, including a change table, bathtub, toilet, commode and wheelchair.
  • Can also be used if there are multiple people with different accessibility needs who share the bathroom.
  • Find ceiling lift options here.

Indoor and outdoor stairlifts are another way to create a safe and accessible entrance to and exit from your home. Did you know that you can rent a stairlift (indoor or outdoor) if you only need one temporarily, or if you have a loved one coming to visit? We offer free in-home estimates for these as well. We'd love to hear your questions! Contact us today.

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