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Archive - January 2016

5 Benefits of Lift Chairs for Seniors

5 Benefits of Lift Chairs for Seniors

Posted On: January 27, 2016 by National Seating & Mobility in: Lift Chairs, Medical Equipment, Senior Care

Does someone in your life need a lift? A power lift chair may be the perfect solution. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Assists in standing up & sitting down.

Slowly and safely lifts you into a standing position, and gently lowers you into a seated position.

2. Easy power recline for resting, watching TV and napping.

Simple controls allow for easy adjustment whether you want to sit, stand, recline, nap or watch TV.

3. Comfortable, stylish chairs to match any decor.


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Tags: power lift chair, power recliner, senior chairs

The Most Important Wheelchair Adjustment You Can Make

Posted On: January 27, 2016 by National Seating & Mobility in: Lightweight Wheelchairs, Manual Wheelchairs, Wheelchair Adjustment, wheelchair adjustments

Centre of Gravity (COG)

COG is likely the most effective adjustment you can make to maximize wheelchair performance. The centre of gravity of a wheelchair is the point at which the weight of the wheelchair is balanced. A wheelchair will need an adjustable axle plate in order to adjust the COG.

Some factors affected by centre of gravity are: Wheelchair stability. Ability to do a wheelie. Ease of propulsion. Ease of wheel access. Posture. Centre of gravity...
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Tags: wheelchair adjustment, sports wheelchair, wheelchair centre of gravity

Everyone Can Benefit From Compression Socks

Posted On: January 13, 2016 by National Seating & Mobility in: Aids to Daily Living, Compression Therapy, Personal Care

Who Can Benefit From Compression Socks?

Athletes. Runners. Servers. Office workers. Anyone who experiences tiredness, aching or heavy-feeling legs can benefit from daily graduated compression therapy. Swollen feet and legs, varicose veins and circulation problems can all be improved or alleviated using compression socks. If you have a sedentary job where you sit or stand all day, compression therapy will make a difference.

Benefits for Athletes Extend workout time before exhaustion. Reduce...
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Tags: compression socks, compression stockings

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