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Cleaning Your Wheelchair Cushion

Posted On: December 22, 2015 by National Seating & Mobility in: Cleaning, Seating, Wheelchair Cushions, Wheelchair Seating

The seating on your wheelchair is one of the most important parts of your mobility setup. If you clean your cushion regularly you will extend its life and make it easier to maintain. There are many different types of wheelchair cushions available, and they each have benefits and downfalls when it comes to cleaning.

One thing all cushions have in common is a washable cushion cover. This may be an incontinent cover, or it may be made of a breathable material like cotton. Most of these...

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Tags: cleaning wheelchair cushions, wheelchair cleaning

How to Properly Inflate and Adjust a ROHO Cushion

Posted On: September 22, 2015 by National Seating & Mobility in: Bariatric, Cushions, Seating, SelfCare, Wheelchairs

A short, informative video on how to properly inflate and adjust a ROHO cushion.

Roho Smart Check provides confidence, independence and peace of mind. ROHO cushions and ROHO Smart Check are available for purchase and rental from SelfCare. SelfCare carries a wide range of lightweight wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, stairlifts, hospital beds and pretty much anything you might need in terms of medical supplies and medical equipment.


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Tags: bariatric wheelchair cushion, geriatric, geriatric care, home health care, medical cushion, medical supplies, ROHO cushions, Self Care, Self Care Home Health, SelfCare Home Health Products

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