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Pre or Post-Surgery? We Can Help with Rental Medical Equipment.

If you've have had your surgery postponed, or are just now getting the surgery you've been waiting for, we can help. Rental equipment to make your life easier is available now with contactless delivery when possible.

Knee Scooters

If you're waiting for (or recovering from) foot or ankle surgery, you may benefit from a knee scooter. They're much easier than crutches, and you can scoot around outside while social distancing.

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Wheelchairs & Seating

Transport chairs can make a world of difference if you temporarily need some help getting out of the house for short trips like medical appointments. For more complex seating & positioning needs, we can set up a rental tilt chair to your  exact specifications.

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A woman sits tilted in a wheelchair on a pier. A smiling man stands behind her.

Lifting Devices

A lift chair will make your life easier & help with fall prevention, while ceiling lifts, floor lifts & even rental stairlifts can help if you need assistance with transfers or accessibility.

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Home Medical Products

Whether it's a permanent installation like a grab bar, or a rental item like a commode, bath lift or shower chair, it's easy to create a safe space in the bathroom to reduce the risk of falls.
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A man sits on a shower commode in his bathroom.

Hospital Beds

It doesn't have to look like a hospital bed! If your clients want something a bit more stylish than the standard "medical bed", the Etude bed is available for rental.

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A woman reclines while reading, propped up by pillows, in an Etude bed.

Wheelchair Ramps

It's easy! Anything from a simple 1" threshold ramp to a customized modular ramp can be installed to improve accessibility to your home. 

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A man, viewed from the back, drives his scooter up a metal modular ramp towards the entrance to his house.

Bariatric Equipment

We have the most extensive stock of bariatric equipment in B.C.! Our bariatric equipment rentals include beds, tilt chairs & transfer benches.

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