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Cold Weather Care and Storage Tips for Wheelchairs and Scooters

It's getting cold outside. Even here in the temperate Metro Vancouver area, we need to do things a little differently when the cold weather arrives. Follow these tips for the best way to care for your power wheelchair or power scooter, especially if you're going to be storing it over the winter months.

Storage Locations:

  • BEST STORAGE LOCATION: In a dry, warm room temperature space.
  • Possible Storage Location: In a garage or shed, unheated, but dry.
  • Remove the batteries and store them separately.
  • DO NOT STORE: In a damp area for any length of time or near combustible products.
  • IF STORING OUTSIDE: Make sure it is covered and lubricate the moving parts as far as the axles on the wheels and the tiller if possible.
  • In the spring, bring the unit to room temperature before turning it on. Direct exposure to rain or dampness will cause the scooter to malfunction electrically and mechanically; may cause the powered scooter to prematurely rust.
  • ALWAYS remove the key from the ignition of the scooter when not in use.


  • Block the tires (use wooden supports so the wheels don't have contact with the cold flooring or ground)


  • Charge the batteries to full before leaving them idle and then disconnect them.
  • Charge the batteries once a month while during the time they are not being used.


  • Remove the key from the ignition when not in use to avoid damage or loss.

Spring Tune-Up

  • Bring your power wheelchair or scooter to SelfCare for routine maintenance or if you have any problems.


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