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Elevating Independence. Empowering Individuals.

Image of wheelchair user outside with woman; both laughing.

Seat elevation provides vertical mobility enabling you to reach and access higher levels. Seat elevation has endless physical, functional and psychological benefits that lead to greater independence and improved quality of life.

The world is not designed around seated height, and unfortunately, wheelchair users have been excluded from many everyday functional tasks and interactions beyond physical reach for too long. iLevel is a feature that can dramatically increase the quality of life for power chair users. From in the home to out in the community, a power elevating seat can help make life safer, make social interactions more fulfilling, and give people who use motorized wheelchairs access to common areas of their home.

iLevel's patented Extra Stability Technology® enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities of daily living. iLevel elevating seat technology is unique in that it’s user-inspired, where not only does it elevate, but it stabilizes the power chair for safe operation at 4.5 mph. For users, this means being able to grocery shop while elevated; this means navigating crowds at eye level; this means accessing high-top tables in restaurants; and, this means strolling the walking path arm-in-arm with your partner. Of course, simply being able to adjust the seat height, with added stability, makes transfers safer.

  • Improves your reach and adaptability with daily activities, such as cooking, bathing and shopping
  • Reduces your risk of repetitive stress injuries related to overhead reaching
  • Improves eye contact with others in social interactions
  • Reduces risk of cervical strain
  • Transfers are easier from an elevated position
  • Elevated position enhances your safety while in transit

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