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Everyone Can Benefit From Compression Socks

Who Can Benefit From Compression Socks?

Athletes. Runners. Servers. Office workers. Anyone who experiences tiredness, aching or heavy-feeling legs can benefit from daily graduated compression therapy. Swollen feet and legs, varicose veins and circulation problems can all be improved or alleviated using compression socks. If you have a sedentary job where you sit or stand all day, compression therapy will make a difference.

Benefits for Athletes

  • Extend workout time before exhaustion.
  • Reduce lactic acid buildup.
  • Increase anaerobic threshold (particularly in cycling and jumping).
  • Decrease muscle damage.
  • Recover more quickly.
  • Decrease muscle soreness and fatigue.

How Do Compression Sock Work and How Will They Benefit Me?

Graduated compression socks are tightest at the ankle, decreasing to a lower compression nearer the top of the sock. The main benefits of this are:

  • Reduction and prevention of swelling.
  • Increase of circulation which reduces blood congestion in the legs.
  • Relief of symptoms caused by varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis and skin ulcers.

Are Compression Socks Hard To Put On?

Compression socks are meant to fit quite snugly, without being uncomfortable to wear all day. Because of the snug fit, they may be tricky to put on at first, but with a little practice (see below for tips) you'll find what works for you.

FAQs and Tips

  • There are several ways to put on compression socks. It's best not to scrunch up the socks before you put them on. Either:
    • Insert your foot into the opening and gradually pull them up to your leg.
    • Turn the sock inside out, put your toes in the toe of the sock, then roll or slide the sock up your leg.
  • Rubber gloves can help you to grip the sock more easily.
  • A sock aid frame or stocking aid with handles can make your compression socks a lot easier to put on.
  • Put on your compression socks first thing in the morning; it will be easier because you'll have the least swelling in your legs.

*Because of the many different types of compression socks available, please consult your doctor before using them. Contact SelfCare if you have any questions, or drop in to our Surrey or North Vancouver locations.


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