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Feel The DIFFERENCE! Stay-Dry Washable Bed Pads

This is a new product that we absolutely love!

No more middle-of-the-night bed changes with this premium mattress pad. The design channels and locks liquid away from the surface to prevent skin irritation, bed sores or sleep disruption. The pad is placed over the bottom sheet to protect your mattress and sheets from leaks and stains. Our vinyl backing is phthalates, latex and BPA free. The vinyl backing is a safeguard certified product that ensures that each mattress cover provides a safe and healthy sleeping environment. This bed pad can absorb 8 cups of liquid, and each pad is made to withstand up to 300 washes and are washer and dryer friendly.


  • Innovative design keeps sheets and mattress dry all night
  • Durable material that lasts over 300 washes, guaranteed
  • Special sewing technique and rounded corners keep surface flat wash after wash
  • The high-density compression core technology increases fiber interaction for better absorbency and transfer of fluid
  • Canadian made environmentally friendly Vintex Safe Guard Barrier System vinyl. Certified by an independent third-party lab to be free of Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, and all Phthalates.
  • Various sizes and styles are offered to cover all of life’s ever-changing needs
  • High-performance fabric is designed to channel fluid to the core and maintain a dry feel
  • Exceptionally absorbent compression core pulls fluid in quickly to prevent surface wetness and allows for more cups of absorbency
  • ZZ Quilt stays flat and smooth while allowing better fluid movement to enhance overall performance
  • Stay dry surface and highly absorbent core allow for fewer night time changes
  • Mint colour creates a fresh, clean appearance that will not fade even if washed with chlorine

Call us at 604-990-9422 for a free 2-minute demo - we'd love for you to see this in person!

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