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Pillows Don't Work

One of the leading challenges for the wound care community is heel pressure ulceration. Existing modalities of heel pressure ulcer prevention and treatment have drawbacks:

  • Heel "boots" require frequent removal to inspect the skin integrity of the lower leg
  • Pillows can slide out of place and compress very easily. They are also high maintenance and unreliable solution to the problem

The HeelZup Therapeutic Heel Elevating Cushion with PopliZone Thigh Support provides the most practical solution to this complex problem:

Image of person using HeelZup Therapeutic Heel Elevating cushion.

Image of the HeelZup Cushion on white background.

  • No strapping or wrapping a pillow on the client only to have it kicked off
  • Comfortable and allows the client to have some movement
  • Elevates the heels while supporting the leg from the thigh to the ankle
  • Eliminates pressure on the Popliteal Fossa
  • Raised side bolsters prevent legs from falling off of the sides of the cushion
  • Stays neatly in place and does not require constant maintenance and adjustment

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