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How I Regained My Independence

Yes, I can meet you for coffee!

Now that I don’t drive anymore, having a scooter gives me the independence I thought I’d lost when I turned in my car keys. It gives me the freedom to meet my friends for coffee, shop for my own groceries, or get out on the seawall with my friends. And I don’t have to call my kids every time I need to go somewhere!

Find the scooter with the performance, freedom and independence you want and deserve.

Whatever your requirements, SelfCare, in consultation with you and your health care professional, will assess your needs and help you choose the scooter model best suited to you and your lifestyle.

Scooters have proven to be very useful for people who can walk short distances but are challenged with longer distances.

“While helping you sort through a wide variety of choices we take into consideration whether the scooter is to be used inside your home, for trips outside the house or both. We look at how long your average trip will be, whether you have hills to climb and any other relevant factors” explains SelfCare’s Seating and Mobility Consultant, Charlotte Skelton. “We will bring the scooters to you, so that you can try them out in your home environment.”

Owners report that scooters give them a real sense of freedom and independence, allowing them to regain a measure of self-confidence.

Scooters range from small travel scooters that can be easily disassembled for storage in your trunk to the larger sizes that can carry you with confidence up those extra-long hills. They come in three-wheel models with better maneuverability or their four-wheel counterparts for extra stability. “We also rent scooters,” says Janet Moore, manager at SelfCare’s North Vancouver location. “Many clients found their scooter rental to be a real lifesaver while on a cruise ship.”

Upon return, one client exclaimed, “Thank you Self Care, I would never have made it back and forth between our berth and the dining hall every day without the rental scooter you provided us!” The folding Go-Go scooter from Pride Mobility is the newest scooter on the market. It's light and compact and perfect for travel and cruising. Please contact us if you have any questions about scooters, wheelchairs or other medical equipment. We'd love to hear from you.


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