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When Do I Need to Rent a Knee Walker or Knee Scooter?

If you've recently had surgery on your foot, ankle or lower leg, you may need some help getting around while you recover. The Knee Walker (also known as Knee Scooter) is a favorite of our clients, especially those who have difficulty using crutches or find them uncomfortable. What we love about the knee walkers:

  1. Comfortable support for your injured or healing leg
  2. Tiller folds down for easy storage and transport
  3. Simple height adjustment
  4. Large casters that are ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  5. A braking system just like a bicycle

The turning radius is fairly wide, so you may not be able to turn 360 degrees in a tight space, but this makes the knee walker very stable. Rent a knee walker starting at $80/month.

SelfCarerents and sells a wide range of lightweight wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, stairlifts, hospital beds and pretty much anything you might need in terms of medical supplies and medical equipment.


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