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ROHO Mattress Sections for Pain Relief

Sometimes we forget about pain relief.

Our Tri-Cities store received a call recently from a customer whose husband had just passed away. She called to thank us for getting the ROHO mattress sections out to him so quickly when he was unable to sleep due to his pressure sore.  He fell asleep within half an hour of us delivering the sections. By the time he passed away, the wound was almost completely healed.

Image of ROHO Mattress product.

It's anecdotal evidence like this that reminds us of the pain relief provided by ROHO mattress sections, as well as the well-documented healing. Usually, we are focused on the healing, some of the other benefits like pain relief and that the surface isn't damaged by incontinence (there are drain holes and a soaker pad should be placed UNDER the ROHO mattress section). 



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