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This 2-In-1 Walker/Transport Chair Is The Best of Both Worlds

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2-in-1 walker truly is the best of both worlds. A comfy transport chair that changes into a walker with a few simple moves, then easily flips back again. Walk until you're tired, then have a friend, family member or caregiver push you the rest of the way.

No matter whether you're having a good day, a challenging day, or an in-between day, the 2-in-1 walker from Evolution Technologies is there for you.

Feeling energetic? Use it as a walker - roam your neighbourhood as long as you want, then lock the handles and rest on the comfy seat. Lean against the backrest for extra support while you enjoy some people watching.

Feeling tired? With a few quick movements, your walker transforms into a transport chair so someone else can push you. Relax on the comfy seat while your feet rest on the footplates and your carer or loved one pushes you.

Feeling like a road trip? The 2-in-1 walker/transport chair folds easily so you can slip it into your trunk or backseat. It's noticeably lighter than the competition, so it will be easier to lift than any similar products.

  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Noticeably lighter than the competition.
  • Soft, comfy seat.
  • Transforms easily from a walker to a transport chair, then back again.
  • Folds crosswise to a slim 13.5" for easy transport & storage.
  • Extra-wide back strap for increased support.
  • Zippered tote/storage bag.

Read more about the walkers on our website.



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