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VivaLift!® Lift & Recline Chairs - You've Never Seen a Power Recliner Like This Before!

Ever since their release last year, VivaLift! Power Recliners have been THE favourite lift chair of the SelfCare staff. Whenever we have a meeting in-store, we gather around in the lift chairs. The VivaLift chairs are always occupied first, and here's why.


 Image of the power lumbar on the Vivalift chair. Power Lumbar
Personalize your lumbar comfort at the touch of a button. This feature makes a striking difference to the comfort of the chair. 
 Image of power headrest feature on lift chair. Power Headrest
Infinite position combinations for your head, neck and shoulders with the touch of a button. We love this position for TV watching in ultimate comfort.
 Image of a footrest extension on Vivalift chairs. Footrest Extension
Standard footrest extension provides additional support if needed.
 Image of lift chair USB remote. USB Remote
Soft-touch hand control with USB charger - charge your device from the comfort of your chair.
 Image of grey lift chair. Super Stylish Designs
These are seriously the most attractive lift & recline chairs that we've ever seen. They don't even look like a "medical chair"! There are styles to match the most classic to the most modern decor.

Lift chairs play a huge part in fall prevention, and in allowing folks to stay safely in their own homes. Whether it's for you or for a loved one, a VivaLift! The recliner will make a significant difference to the comfort & safety of its owner.

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