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How to Properly Inflate and Adjust a ROHO Cushion

Posted On: September 22, 2015 by National Seating & Mobility in: Bariatric, Cushions, Seating, SelfCare, Wheelchairs

A short, informative video on how to properly inflate and adjust a ROHO cushion.

Roho Smart Check provides confidence, independence and peace of mind. ROHO cushions and ROHO Smart Check are available for purchase and rental from SelfCare. SelfCare carries a wide range of lightweight wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, stairlifts, hospital beds and pretty much anything you might need in terms of medical supplies and medical equipment.


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Tags: bariatric wheelchair cushion, geriatric, geriatric care, home health care, medical cushion, medical supplies, ROHO cushions, Self Care, Self Care Home Health, SelfCare Home Health Products

Rent The MOVE - The Lightest Entry Level Manual Folding Wheelchair

Posted On: September 17, 2015 by National Seating & Mobility in: Manual Wheelchairs, Mobility, Rentals, SelfCare, Wheelchairs

It's available for rental! The MOVE lightweight manual wheelchair is a feature-packed new entry to the lightweight manual folding wheelchair category. It is the lightest manual folding wheelchair (by at least 8 pounds) compared to any other chair in the entry-level lightweight category.

The MOVE offers adjustability and an ultra-rigid unibody construction previously found only in more expensive lightweight models. Only the economical pricing places this chair in the entry-level...

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Tags: geriatric wheelchair, lightest wheelchair, lightweight wheelchair, medical supplies, move wheelchair, rental wheelchair, Self Care, Self Care Home Health, SelfCare Home Health Products, senior wheelchair

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